Nothing Rides like a Golf Skate Caddy™

The GSC™ is gentler on the course, quieter than a traditional golf buggy, more decked out than most cars, and oh-so-easy-to-drive. And did we mention, it’s super fun?

Despite only being officially launched at the PGA’s 2014 Merchandise Show in Orlando, Florida in January, golfers and clubs around the globe have been lining up to get their feet on the totally unique GSC™, as word quickly spread across the Golfing World.

Built to a high specification and packed with an array of features, the GSC™ looks great and adds a new dimension to the game of golf, where the mode of transport becomes part of the joy of the game as you effortlessly glide to your ball.

Designed with stability and safety in mind, the GSC™’s ergonomic monopole handle, spike friendly non-slip platform and multi-speed soft start trigger control system ensure golf players of all ages and ability have the confidence to ride the GSC™ across any golf course terrain.

The GSC™ also offers golfers absolute freedom and independence, speeding up game play by 25%! Great if you just want to get a quick game in before moving on with your busy schedule.

With hi-spec battery technology and intelligent time efficient charging, the GSC™ is engineered to carry a single player, plus a 20 kilogram, 10-inch (25cm) diameter pro-golf bag for up to two rounds of 18 holes on a grassy surface before it needs charging. Then, it simply plugs in and charges like a mobile phone.

Whether you are a Golf Club wanting to lease the GSC™ to increase revenue streams through faster game play or attract new members (young and old)
You are an individual looking for a stylish single player transport solution that’s easy to use, fun to ride and maintains that important interactive social aspect as you ride next to friends pulling their trolley…