More Fun

With the Golf Skate Caddy™, playing golf can now be more exhilarating and fulfilling. The game of golf should be about the experience and taking great shots.

Forget seeing beautiful surroundings through a golf buggy’s plastic window shield and traversing towards your shot and your co-player’s time and time again! Instead feel the breeze on your face and inhale the soft scent of the landscape as you glide down the fairway, through any rough and around those bunkers, stepping on and off as you strike your ball straight to the green completely composed as you putt right into the hole.

The Golf Skate Caddy™ boasts a long list of standard features to make the whole fun packed experience even better, including an on-board electronic odometer and speed adjuster, ball, tee, score card and drinks holder, a cool box/storage compartment, a seat rest and an aerodynamic wind resistant umbrella. We’ve also included a handy USB port to charge any hand held devises like golf range finders etc…

Golf Skate Caddy™ riders use a side stance and shift their body weight left or right whilst holding onto the ergonomically designed mono handle for stability. They accelerate and brake using the handheld trigger controller. When riding the Golf Skate Caddy™ the rider looks cool, composed, balanced and remains in control at all times.

It’s not just a fun ride for young golfers either with more and more golfers aged 55 and over turning to the Golf Skate Caddy™ as their perfect companion from the 1st through to the 18th and beyond.

Pro golfer, Andy Webb said "It was really sturdy, easy to manoeuvre, great fun and really simple to ride….You just step on and go!"

We Say…Nothing Rides like the Golf Skate Caddy™, The hoverboard of the golfing world and the future of golfing is here.