What could be easier than Leasing the GSC?

The advantages are Clear….

Working Capital is Protected

Existing Bank Borrowing Facilities are not affected

Better Financial Planning is achieved

High Income Rental Return over Low Fixed Monthly Payments

...and the Figures Speak for Themselves

Golf Skate Caddy Rental Income Potential

Game Play Period: 30 Weeks (214 days) from 1st April to 31st October

  • 1 GSC rental per day (214 Rounds) - Rental Charge: £12.50 per Round - Income: £2,675.00
  • 2 GSC rentals per day (428 Rounds) - Rental Charge: £12.50 per Round - Income: £5,350.00
  • 5 GSC rentals per week (150 Rounds) - Rental Charge:£12.50 per Round - Income: £1,875.00

A Golf Club could realistically expect to achieve at least one Golf Skate Caddy rental per day.

Based on these figures your monthly income is twice that of your monthly leasing cost and quadruples if 2 rentals are achieved per day!

The Golf Skate Caddy offers a significant point of difference. Through word of mouth and as part of your local marketing new players will be attracted to the game, passing through your club house, pro shop and other facilities as they generate even more income for your business.

Make the call today for a demonstration and find out how easy it is to setup a GSC commercial lease.